Special Dietary Requirements

These days, various dietary requirements have become the norm, for all sorts of reasons, and we will have you covered! When you order lunch for 10 people or more, we will automatically (unless you tell us otherwise) make an assumption that a small proportion of these people are vegetarian, so we will send a vegetarian option equivalent to the menu that has been ordered.

For other dietary requirements, such as vegans or gluten-free diets, these are much more specific, so just let us know how many of each of these will be attending. We will prepare this food separately and it will be labelled, with the name of that person if we have it! 

We don't recommend ordering these special requirements "just in case", it is always much better for attendees to be given the opportunity to make their needs known.

No matter the dietary requirement, we endeavour to send food that is as close to the main order as possible to ensure that nobody is made to feel like the odd one out!